Greg Johnston

Greg Johnston is an award winning Canadian born composer/producer/songwriter. As a formally trained multi-instrumentalist, Greg has enjoyed international success on both radio and television. Fluent in a wide array of musical genres, Greg's musical intelligence and wit allow him to be one of Canada's busiest composers. Greg is currently based in Toronto Canada.

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Greg Johnston

Filmography - Audio Samples

18 to Life

18 to Life (CBC)

Director: Paolo Barzman, Stefan Pleszczynski, Peter Wellington

Producer: Ian Whitehead, Neil Bregman

Executive Producers: Derek Schreyer, Karen Troubetzkoy, Andrew Orenstein & Arnie Gelbart

Production Link
Curious and Unusual Deaths

Curious and Unusual Deaths (Discovery Channel)

Directors: David Weaver, John Paizs

Producers: Michael Lamport, Tiffany Martindale, Marlo Miazga, Gregory Sheppard

Production Link

Making of a Martyr (Independent)

Directors: Alistair Leyland, Brooke Goldstein

Producers: Alistair Leyland, Brooke Goldstein

Production Link

Audio Samples:


Mighty Ships (Disovery Channel)

Production Link
How The Kids Took Over

How The Kids Took (CBC)

Director: Ann-Marie Redmond

Producer: Nathalie Bibeau

Executive Producers: Mark Starowicz and Susan Dando

Production Link

Audio Samples:

Saving Places

Saving Places (History Channel)

Director: Richard Martyn

Executive Producers: Andrea Nemtin and Ian Dunbar

Production Link
Inside the Queen Mary 2

Inside the Queen Mary 2 (Discovery Channel)


SciQ (Discovery Kids)


Nerve Center (Discovery)

Lady Grey